Setting up this website


If you're seeing this, then I must have done something right.


I decided to go with self-hosting. There are a few reasons for this:

I'm using nginx for the server, and Let's Encrypt to take care of the security certificates.

The Build

I'm using 11ty, a static site generator. 11ty is built out of JS and requires Node and a few dependencies, but none of that shows up in the output, which can be just HTML/CSS as I'm doing here. Eventually I may create my own static site builder, but I didn't want to hold up working on this website for that.


I have node and git setup on the Raspberry Pi server. I have a shell script which uses SSH to access the server, does a git pull to get the latest updates and run 11ty's build.

11ty's build updates a "_site" folder which is what nginx is mapped to use as the site root.