AE Modular

AE Modular is a product line of modular synths from Tangible Waves. It differs from eurorack and follows it's own set of standards for parts that reduce cost. Most notably, it's a patch wire system instead of the cables with jacks interface found on eurorack and elsewhere.

This is my first synth device besides 2 pocket operators. The starter kit arrived completely assembled and with a helpful getting started pamphlet.

The information presented below are my notes, as I investigate what each of the modules do and how to use them.There are some aspects to AE Modular which are global to all modules. For example there are two columns of patch wire jacks on the top of each module, the left side is inputs and the right side is outputs. Some modules provide "mult" for splitting a single signal into a few wires.

The Modules

I'm writing about the modules I currently own, there are many others.