This year I focused on improving my landscape drawings. I used gray drawing paper and black chisel shaped felt tip and white ball point pens. For each day, I picked search terms and used wikimedia to find an unlicensed reference image which I looked at while drawing freehand.

landscape drawing landscape drawing landscape drawing landscape drawing


I did a few ink drawings this year, but stopped pretty early on. No regrets, I just wasn't as into it for some reason. I chose to draw jellyfish as a unifying theme. I used dip pens with black and white ink on gray paper.

octopus drawing octopus drawing octopus drawing octopus drawing


For this year's (2020) Inktober I'm planning to do brush ink drawings. I'll use these drawings scaled down as sprites in a game I'm working on for the PlayDate platform. This will be my first attempt at game development, so I'm keeping it very simple and I'm still deciding about gameplay ideas.

The general idea is that you can play as 4 different animals, in 4 different scenes, moving your character around to try to optimize an outcome. Inktober seems like a great time to generate graphics for these different scenes, so I'm not following the official prompts.

Here's the subject matter plan:

I posted these to Mastodon.