Some sort of blight has taken over the plants on the roof. Possibly the faded leaves and unhappy plants are suffering from too much water - it's been raining heavily. It appears the basil and hot peppers will survive, but it was a small harvest for the tomatoes, and the bell peppers rotted out.

Shade frames

Completed and useful! I'll be making a project page for these soon to document the work. It involved some very simple wood working and a small bit of 3D printing. We are reducing our A/C usage by cutting down the harsh afternoon sun, and also making our back porch space more enjoyable for meals and hanging out.

Orca box

The concept of this project continues to evolve. Currently I'm considering it a stand-alone device with screen, a series of buttons and a series of potentiometers (knobs). I've successfully proven the knobs can be used to adjust values in an Orca variable (0-9 a-z). Next up will be to make a proof of concept for a button that prints out multiple lines of code. If that works, then the buttons can render out various useful patterns like different scales, tracker lists, etc. I can hook up a lot of buttons, so I may use some for other utilities like establishing the knob variables.

Eurorack case v2

I'm ready to rebuild with two new vector rails, but I may expand to add two more and possibly an acrylic front panel. 3D modeling is in progress.

In Progress:


Orcabox button plan



I'm so glad my parents live nearby, but unfortunately my dad's health has presented some challenges lately. It's given me new perspectives (gratitude for my own health, for example) as we try to help both him, and my care-taking mom.


The roof garden is flourishing. The tomato plants are over 5 feet tall with lots of fruit, the first of which are starting to ripen. I'm letting the jalapeños grow a bit bigger before harvesting, the bell peppers are taking their time, but growth continues.


I suppose it's been almost two months eating plant based food. I've found a general groove, and so far it's not been too much trouble. I look forward to more experimentation with new dishes. I was gifted a few cookbooks that may help as well. I have not had significant weight gain or loss, but I also have not re-instated a consistent exercise program. Daily evening walks suffice in the meanwhile.


I tried creating a VM instead of using a different machine in hopes of better adapting to a Linux based workflow, but so far it's only presented new setup challenges. My desire to have a good and usable Linux based workstation continues.

In Progress:



Tomatos ripening



It's been a few weeks since I started adjusting my diet to be plant based. There are processed vegan products in the markets that I can use as helpers, but I hope not to be dependent on them long term. The hardest part is sorting out how (since I do all the cooking) to meal plan with Mindy's food preferences in mind. She is already largely on a plant based diet, but she didn't expect this change, so it's an adjustment.

Manjaro i3

Another life adjustment, one that's been very slow to take hold, is trying to adapt Linux as the primary OS for non-work computing. This has been a challenge to accomplish, and I continue to reduce the barriers (e.g. quick key/mouse switching and monitor sharing). I think the next step will be to map out the various tasks I do day-to-day (process photos from a camera, update this site, etc) and log the programs I'm using to do them. I noticed that I'm not remembering the program names yet since most are entirely new and not yet frequently used.


In Progress:


A golden beet, prior to cooking


I've been thinking through how to document projects on this site. There's lots of things happening at once, and I don't think random posts with tags is a good framework for documenting what's happening while it's happening.

So I'll make a new type of project page in here, updates can get appended to it instead of being separate pages. They can show a time-log style view as projects go from concept to sketches, to prototypes and then builds. I think it's also flexible enough to cover lots of project types.

Now I just need to decide how it should look in here.

Currently and upcoming:

Machine screws closeup