Ten Digits

Last updated: Feb 2, 2020
It's early days here. This website's content and functionality is being fleshed out through iteration. Visit again later if you like.

Ten Digits Projects

Website Builder

I've used a lot of tools to build websites over the years, now it's time to try writing my own builder.


Sketching as a habbit builds creative muscles, and maybe more importantly helps you to refine and improve your perception.

Hand Modeling

In the past I've done professional photo/video work, but lately I'm shooting my own series.

Bird House Cameras

Keeping an eye on nesting birds can be educational, enteraining, and environmentally friendly. I've setup two types of bird house cameras so far, with exciting results.

Generative Designs

Some photographers take hundreds of pictures a day, for them the art is in choosing what's worth printing. With generative design, we can let computers do the work, and it's up to us to decide if any of their creations are noteworthly.

Audio Synthesis

I've just begun a journey into learning how audio synthesis works.


Ten Digits is a Nate Steiner thing. If you want to chat about anything you see here, find me on Mastodon.