It's an easy recipe, but it's in two parts:

  1. Mix the dough, rest, shape, refrigerate overnight
  2. Boil, drain, add toppings, bake


Makes 10 bagels

The night before instructions

The day of instructions

Bagels in bowl
Bagels in bowl [high res version]

Bonus tips

Bagel Boards

Bagel boards are boards with burlap stapled on one side. They allow you to bake the bottom of the bagel a little bit, and then flip right side up for the main baking. The purpose of this is to create a skin on the bottom that prevents it from sticking. It's completely possible to make bagels without flipping, but they will need to be scraped off the baking surface and will be a bit crusty on the bottom.

To use bagel boards, soak them in water (I just use a baking sheet with a deep rim). After taking taking the bagels out of the boil and topping them, put them face-down on the burlap side. Place boards in oven and bake for 4 min this way, then flip the bagels off the boards (right side up now) and remove the boards. Continue the bake as normal (~11 more mins or so).