I started making these at home this year and was surprised how good the results were. The key seems to be about getting the right kind of flour and diastatic malt powder.

The flour

The recipe I'm referencing calls for "High-gluten flour" however I chose a product called "Super Bagel Flour" from Baker's Authority, which includes other ingredients like malted barley flour.

Diastatic malt powder

This is used in the dough, but I also make slurry of it to add to the boiling water.

The process

This process includes an overnight chill in the fridge, so it's in two parts:

  1. Make the dough, rest it, shape it, put in fridge
  2. Boil in water, add toppings, bake


These are not required, you can always improvise, but I'm using:


This makes 1 dozen


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