Bird Posters

Our larger neighborhood put on an Art Walk, where everyone was invited to display art in their yard, or do a performance. This is during the Covid-19 pandemic, so everyone was glad for a way to get out and have an experience in a way that left plenty of space for people to keep their distance.

Our street is part of a small group of new townhomes. As we are all new to these homes, and they are tightly built together, we've made a point to have good communication.

We decided our street should try to participate in the larger neighborhood effort in a coordinated way. I offered to create "coloring book" style posters that everyone could fill in and decorate however they like. We chose the theme of bird species that are found here in the neighborhood.

Bird posters before decoration
Bird posters before decoration [high res version]

I made about a dozen of these. Most houses took a poster and decorated it. In some cases they were entirely decorated by the children of the house. It was a very rewarding feeling to have started a creative project that the neighborhood was inspired to be involved with.

Bird posters after decoration
Bird posters after decoration [high res version]