Eurorack Cases

Case 1: 7u 104hp case

In use

Wooden case built from oak planks and plywood backing board. Planks are glued and screwed with butt joint corners. The backing is screwed only so as to be removable. The bus boards are attached to the backing board using screws. The case has three sets of rails, a 1U set with vector rails, threaded hole strips and end-caps designed for screwing into the inside of a case. The 1U set is sized for Intelligel sized modules. The rest is 2 x 3U, but otherwise same idea. Power is from Zeus Access Dual (using just one of the power inputs), two Zeus Studio Buses and one passive Bus.

Computing and eurorack table

Rack 1: 3U 104hp


Uses Zeus studio bus and a side mounted Dual-access (both from TipTop) for power. It involved making 3 parts: left/right brackets (3D printed) and a laser cut acrylic front panel. These parts, plus vector rails and threaded bars (from Pulp Logic) fit together to make the case.

Skiff 1: 4U 48hp mostly 3D printed skiff


Tried making a skiff that is sized to fit within my 3D printer's print bed. The design was basically a box with tracks for threaded bars to be inserted. I did a test print and then scrapped because PLA 3d printed walls felt terrible to hold and seems like a waste of material.

Skiff 2: 4U 48hp skiff


Taking a cue from Rack 1 and using the bracket and panel model, but for this small skiff size. Aiming to be as minimal as possible, and letting the vector rails create most of the structure.