I'm not an experienced Unix/Linux user, but I've setup webservers, fileservers, Raspberry Pis, and done a number of command-line things over the years.

Using a SBC

I re-purposed a single-board computer that was in my Birdhouse Cam project to be a secondary-use computer. It's more than powerful enough to run the music sequencers and apps I'm experimenting with that are audio related.

Hardware Setups


Currently using Manjaro with i3 as the operating system.

Applications in use:

i3 Configurations

There's a lot of stuff in here by default, and I've added a couple things.

Location: ~/.i3/config

Add Screenshot Binding: bindsym --release $mod+shift+s exec import ~/Screenshots/screenshot.png

bash configurations

So far I've just added a couple of aliases, but I'm sure there will be more needed soon

Print out my helper file: alias h="cat ~/.h"


New Terminal: mod+enter

Close app: mod+shift+q

dmenu: mod+d

bmenu: mod+control+b

Switch workspace: mod+1-8

Move app to workspace: mod+shift+1-8