Custom interface

Orca Box

For sequencing midi


The concept here is to create a physical UI with labeled buttons for controlling ORCA, running on a Raspberry Pi with midi out to multiple devices. I'm researching what kind of buttons to use, how I'll label them, and what they will be mounted in. I'm also considering how to design the housing for the device.

Some initial decisions that have been made, but all subject to change:

Mar 24th 2021

I'm not entirely sure that Grand Central can act as a keyboard, but I believe with the Adafruit HID Library it can.

I'm also not sure how I'll do midi out. Ideally I can convert from USB from the Pi to a midi din port for the box, but I'm not sure yet how to accomplish that.

Mar 31st 2021

I mapped out an initial idea for button layout. This seems really un-optimized with 62 buttons, but that's actually how many GPIO the Grand Central has, so I suppose it's possible. I'll do some more thinking... I believe this is not the final layout.

First OrcaBox Layout Idea Distored view of the Orca Box (WIP)