Pinebook Pro

The Pinebook Pro is a relatively low-cost laptop that aims to remain repairable and to protect it's owner's privacy. Computing power wise, it is not very strong - similar to a chromebook, but still potentially useful for light computing tasks. This page includes my notes related to the Pinebook Pro.

Pinebook Pro
Pinebook Pro [high res version]

How to setup

Grab an install ISO file from the Manjaro website and flash to a micro SD card. Insert into computer, boot up and follow install instructions. This will install the OS on the SD card.

After the install is done, you'll may be presented with a welcome screen (depending on the distro you picked) from which you can begin the actual install on the laptop. If not, go to the application installer and search for manjaro-arm-flasher. Run that application to flash the actual laptop drive, shut down and remove the micro SD card. Reboot and follow the install prompts.